My lovely mother in law accompanied on the grand staircase in the Stanley Hotel by a gigantic orb.

It’s a toss up. I’m not sure if Thanksgiving or Halloween is my favorite holiday. Probably Thanksgiving because I’m a grateful sort of gal. But I do love Halloween.

In the spirit of the holiday I’m simply going to share two of my most recent supernatural experiences with you:

I Don’t Want to Bunk with a Pervert Ghost

Personally, I had no desire to be touched by a pervert ghost. During the tour we were told that the activity in room 407 isn’t Lord Dunraven but a German Nanny who likes to tuck people into their beds at night. Imagine waking up to find the covers coming up over your body – terrifying! Even if it is a kindly nanny, I’m not sure I’d want that experience. Still, we did want something to happen.

After the tour we hit the beautiful bar, you know the one that Jack Nicholson spends so much time in during the movie, The Shining. It’s a gorgeous bar – good drinks too. We then made our way down to Madame Vera, the resident psychic. She was amazing. Read more…

My First Visit to a Psychic

I’m a believer – I know there are things we don’t understand and are beyond our comprehension. I also know that each one of us has a very powerful intuition and some have psychic abilities. That being said, I also wasn’t expecting to be amazed.

Madame Vera tuned into my primary question before I’d even written my name on her notebook and she had an abundance of insight. However, there were two things that made my first experience with a psychic truly fun: Read more…

Hope you have a wickedly fantastic weekend!

Happy writing,