Happy Friday!

I hope you’re having a great day and that you have plans for an even better weekend. I started the day with a 6-mile run which is huge for me. I’m trying to adopt the Pose method of running and haven’t run more than three miles in years so today was both fun and kind of a milestone.

I treated myself to a lemonade and some Bruno Mars on the iPod and now it’s time to get down to work – writing projects are piling up!

As I was speaking to fellow writers last weekend we talked a bit about creating a supportive writing space and then I saw something on television last night that talked about posture and confidence as it relates to the type of chair that you have in your home office.

photo office 3Here’s a picture of the chair in my home office – yep, I have the right chair for posture and confidence! Now if I could only stop putting my feet up on my desk.

As far as offices go, it’s important that your office or writing space feels supportive and comfortable. My writing space is actually right in the front of our house and while it doesn’t really have a door, it opens to the rest of the house, it’s a fantastic space. I’ve filled it with items that I enjoy and there’s just enough structure to support me. No, it won’t win any design awards but it’s mine and I love it.


What does your writing space look and feel like?

How does it support you?

What can be improved?

What small changes can you make to create a supportive, inspiring, and productive space?

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