It’s a holiday weekend and it seems things have become a bit quiet around here. People are out of town, some are celebrating with family, others are taking the opportunity to get out and enjoy our lovely state or take an extended spring break.

My weekend is sure to be filled with moans and groans – no, not those kind unfortunately. I had my butt kicked at CrossFit this weekend so I’m in recovery mode.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t wonderful things to celebrate today!

Here are a few links to check out:

Indie Publishing Info:

Key Questions about Authors and Agents –

Fifty Shades of Grey Proves Self Publishing is On The Rise –

Opportunities to Consider:

Interested in becoming a book reviewer? I sincerely enjoyed my time as a book reviewer for Romantic Times Book Reviews. If you’ve ever considered it, check out this link –

Goodreads is hosting an Independent Book Blogger Contest. Nominate your favorite blog, or nominate your own. Check out the info –


And have a lovely weekend. Happy Easter, Happy Passover and happy Friday!

Easter Eggs

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