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I love getting free romance books to read.

First, they’re free and that’s pretty wonderful, right?

Secondly, they’re usually books I would overlook at the bookstore so it’s a wonderful way to learn about new writers and romance genres.

Romantic Times has a fun Valentine’s Week Giveaway along with a super list of recommended reads. I’ve read many on the list and they’re top notch.

You can access the giveaway and the list here


Writing About Sex?

I often skip the sex scenes when I write. I save them until I’m “In the mood.” Yet, to be honest I find that the sex scenes are incredibly difficult to write well. Sure you can choreograph a ‘he puts his __ into her ___” but that’s not fun to read.

Check out this well written post on, Describing Bodies in Erotica.

Eye Candy

And for a little fun, flirty, and seriously yummy eye candy check out this beautiful website, blog and newsletter from Christine Rose Elle.

And for kicks and a giggle check out the rock climbing calendar packed with pictures of route setters and climbers in their underwear – you can download this year’s calendar for $2.99 or get last years calendar for free.

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