Happy Friday!

As I sit here with a glass of Pinot Noir in my hand I am giving myself a little pat on the back. I sent in my PAN application today. (I’ve also written a few thousand words today but that’s not the reason I’m proud of myself.) You see, I’ve been writing off and on for years.Yet it took me a while to officially commit to publishing these hard earned manuscripts.

It’s not that I didn’t want to publish – there was just something (aka fear) that was holding me back and preventing me from creating a publication plan.

I mean really, did I think someone was going to come knocking on my door saying, “Hey, I hear you’re a writer. I’d like to publish your novels.”

Right. And yet that’s exactly how I behaved. Like I was going to get published without doing the legwork.

Well I’ve been doing the legwork and today I made it official by applying for PAN (The RWA membership that provides romance writers seeking publication additional information, assistance and insight).

I practically skipped to the mailbox. If you’re interested in PAN and the RWA resources that come with it, visit RWA and join if you haven’t already. Then download the PAN application. You need to prove that you’re actively seeking publication. Which is as easy as making a copy of an email or postcard and sending it in.

Just for Fun

On another note, for fun visit Christine Rose Elle’s blog – and enjoy today’s post on Fabio! It’s fabulous and Christine, as always, is fun, insightful and heartwarming. (and check out her CandyMan Monday posts – they’re delectable.)

In the News:

Decadent Publishing is temporarily open for submissions –

New Ezine for Writers, The Muse Marquee, Appoints Ann Durand as Romance Editor –

And finally there’s an interesting thread on about male romance writers. According to one member, Ilona Andrews (paranormal / paranormal romance) and Anthea Lawson (historical romance) are both husband and wife writing teams. I didn’t know that!

Enjoy. Have a prosperous weekend and enjoy!

Happy Writing!