Happy Friday!

Do you have plans for the weekend? I don’t, I’ll be working but it’s all good. I’ve had a relaxing two weeks off and the weather has been wonderful. During my two week break between classes I learned how to make Pinterest Graphics and I went a little crazy. I created a new board on my page Annette Brownlee to display some of my new images. It’s titled “Writing Motivation.” You can check it out here if you’re interested. Follow me and post your favorite motivational quotes and I’ll share them on my board. http://pinterest.com/annettebrownlee/writing-motivation/.

I also have, if you’re interested, a board with visual writing prompts, http://pinterest.com/annettebrownlee/visual-writing-prompts-make-a-living-writing-roman/,

and a few other boards about books, writing, and other fun topics.

Here’s an image that I created with my new, and rudimentary, skills:

ray bradbury quote pinterest


Have a fabulous holiday weekend and happy writing!