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Vintage Romance Novels (Photo credit: Stewf)

It seems that the media is catching up to something women have known for quite a while – romance novels are hot.

I don’t just mean popular but sexy too.

There’s a reason why it’s the single biggest selling fiction genre.

And while I’m not much of an erotic romance reader I will give a round of applause to self published erotic romance writers who are helping to spread the word to the mainstream media about this lovely escapist genre.

Read, enjoy, escape, then get back to the real world – it’s probably better than watching The Real Housewives of….

At any rate there’s a lot of news this week about publishers branching out into erotic romance and the romance genre in general. Enjoy catching up!


She’s Canada’s empress of ­erotica, but Tina Haveman would feel no urge to give you a consensual whipping if you passed her without a glance.

Quietly operating from her home in the mountains north of Vancouver, Haveman has been one of the country’s leading publishers of e-book erotic romances since she launched eXtasy Books back in 2002.

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For 10 weeks, the New York Times fiction best sellers list has been topped by a trilogy of books that some call “mommy porn.” One book, E.L. James’ “50 Shades of Grey,” has set the publishing world on fire; it’s arguably the biggest-selling erotic romance in decades.

But why are romance novels so hot?


For years, it was a schedule as predictable as a calendar: novelists who specialized in mysteries, thrillers and romance would write one book a year, output that was considered not only sufficient, but productive.

But the e-book age has accelerated the metabolism of book publishing. Authors are now pulling the literary equivalent of a double shift, churning out short stories, novellas or even an extra full-length book each year.

There’s a revolution in reading filled with innovative and exciting possibilities underway, but whether the book industry will be able to sustain itself remains to be seen.


The e-reading phenomenon has led to a rise in the sales of erotic and romantic fiction that readers may previously have felt too inhibited to buy and read in public. Now, without the embarrassment of a dust-jacket, readers have begun to download such works in growing numbers.

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Thanks to the popularity of eReaders such as Amazon’s Kindle, which mean there’s no tell-tale book cover, women can now download and read erotic fiction wherever they are without any fear of embarrassment.

Small wonder that the big publishers are now keen to cash in on the erotic genre. HarperCollins has launched Mischief, focusing on erotic ebooks, while romantic heavyweight Mills & Boon is publishing more risqué novels digitally than in print after a huge surge in online sales.

Here three erotic authors reveal all to SADIE NICHOLAS.

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