When I awoke this morning….


  • The cat peed on the carpet.
  • Dinner date with hubby has been canceled.
  • Someone hacked my iTunes account and charge about $100 onto it.
  • My kitchen (which was clean last night) has been destroyed. It looks like an entire kindergarten class tried to make breakfast (I have a 12 year old and a 15 year old)
  • There’s also no school today which means I don’t get my required 6 hours of silence.
  • I started my period too.

Yes, it’s a fairly challenging morning. I’m not going to check my bank balance because I’m sure that’d send me straight to the chocolate cupboard.

So much for Hot Fun Friday, right?


  • The sun is shining.
  • I am wearing new Sorel slippers that I have coveted for months and they finally arrived last night.
  • I am healthy and my cupboards are packed with good food.
  • I have a roof over my head and I like my home.
  • I have a consistent income to keep replenishing that bank account (which I’m still not going to look at today)
  • And having my period means I’m not preggo! That’s always good news!

So it’s still a Hot Fun Friday and it’s time to strike a pose.

The goal is to strike a pose that makes you feel confident and maybe even a bit sexy. Why? Why not? Tap into your creative side and manipulate your body into a pose that makes you feel strong and proud. I love this photo of Angelica Huston.

Pretty hot ,right?

So strike your pose, feel your power and enjoy the day!

Happy writing!