Happy Friday!

I hope you had a glorious week! It’s been cold and rainy here in Colorado (which is unusual this time of year. Normally we go from hot and sunny to snow. The changing of the seasons is usually shortlived. At any rate it gave me a great excuse to curl up and read some good books. I bought three.

  • Master Plot s and How to Build Them
  • Writer’s Guide to Character Traits
  • On Writing Horror

All three have taken a coveted place on my office bookshelf – the Master Plots book is particularly wonderful because it helped me define my WIP and make sure each scene and chapter supported the overall plot.

Speaking of fall and the cooling temperatures, Halloween (seriously my second favorite holiday) is coming up soon. I’m already looking at decorations and thinking about that trip to the pumpkin patch. If you like ghost stories or enjoy writing them check out Your Ghost Stories.

And it’s not too soon to start thinking about NaNoWriMo – Are you going to do it this year? You can learn more about it by going directly to the site and signing up http://www.nanowrimo.org/

Finally, here is an absolutely fun post on The Deadly Sins of Romance Writing by Michelle Rowan.

(and if you want to win a Nook or a Kindle – your choice – check out the Smutketeers Anniversary Contest. Note: Graphics on the site are a little saucy and may not be for everyone.)