Happy Friday!

There’s just something invigorating about rivalries!

This weekend my beloved Michigan State Spartans take on the University of Michigan Wolverines. It is sure to be a good game this year. The Spartans have one the past few years but if they win this year it will be a record breaking winning streak.  I’ll be wearing my green and cheering.

Of course there are other long standing rivalries too.

For example,

  • Morning people versus night people!
  • Mac vs PC
  • Pizza vs hamburger…

And then there are of course romantic rivalries which are most often love triangles.

  • Edward vs Jacob
  • Eddie Fisher vs Richard Burton
  • Princess Diana vs Camilla Parker Bowles
  • King Arthur vs Lancelot
  • Gatsby and Tom Buchanon

I’m sure there are more romantic rivalries/love triangles. Feel free to share your favorites!


Happy Writing and Go Green!