Have you been to Pinterest?

If you have then you know what a blissful time suck it can be. I’ve literally spent hours at night on the couch surfing through beautiful photos of nature, romance, fashion, food – let’s not forget the food! And of course quotes and aspirations of who I want to be and how I want to live my life.

It’s a vision board for everyone.

cute little porcine pin, found on Pinterest

  • Decorate your home
  • Swoon over hunky movie stars
  • Compile lists of things to do, including books to read
  • And wallow in the romance like a perky pink polka dot pig in a rainbow tutu.


You Can Also Use Pinterest to Connect with Romance Writers, Publishers, and to Build Your Romance Audience

A few to follow:

Have fun looking at how other authors are marketing themselves. Enjoy their pins and while you’re at it check out

Pintester (F*ing up pins so you don’t have to) http://pintester.com/ It’s owned by Romance author Sonja Faust and it’s hysterical!)

And to learn more about how to use Pinterest to market your books check out:

**Authors: Meet Your New Friend Pinterest http://mediatapper.com/authors-meet-your-new-friend-pinterest-authors-meet-your-new-friend-pinterest/

**Marketing for Romance Writers – Pinterest and Why You Should http://marketingforromancewriters.com/pinterest-and-why-you-should/