Who Is Wonder Woman?

Who Is Wonder Woman? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When you were young, did you have a favorite super hero?

I was never really into comic books but I did have a few cartoons and television shows that I enjoyed. Wonder Woman was of course a favorite as was Isis.

You can actually watch a few of the television episodes over at IMDB. 

There’s just something fun about blending super powers and history or in this case, mythology, that I just loved.

It appears I’m not the only one that digs history.



According to this press release issued by BooksonBoard, Historical Romance is on an upward trend. If you’ve never read a historical romance, they’re pretty amazing. You get to enjoy all the wonderful nuances of the romance genre in a historical setting. Some of our popular romance authors are truly talented, digging up all that historical information and weaving it into a story line is impressive.

***Here’s a link to the press release – Historical Romance eBook Sales Trending at BooksOnBoard “At BooksOnBoard, 2012 is shaping up to be the Year of the Historical Romance,” stated Nathan Johnson, BooksOnBoard’s Director of Operations. “Sophisticated romance readers appreciate the specialized knowledge that authors must develop to write period …

***At Samhain the trend hasn’t gone unnoticed…Samhain Publishing‘s Retro Romance Authors Bring the Past into the Future

“At Retro Romance, we are giving these stories a new life and an
unlimited future.” International publisher Samhain Publishing® is
helping authors share past romance favorites with a robust new readership,
as it launches its new Retro Romance line to …

***And if you’re still considering self publishing maybe banding together with a few fellow writers is the answer – Several authors form Rock*It Reads brand for self-pubbed romance

A: Rock*It Reads is an authors’ collective of New York-published authors
who are also self-publishing romances. We’re committed to producing only
high-quality self-published works, which match or exceed the standards set
by traditional publishing …

***Finally, if you enjoy romance writer Eloisa James, you can read an interview with her over at the Clarion Ledger – Q&A with author Mary Bly
Jackson Clarion Ledger. Mary Bly, who writes under the pen name of Eloisa James, is co-director of the creative writing program at Fordham University. She and her family live in New York. Known for her romance novels, Paris In Love: A Memoir is Bly’s first nonfiction book. INTERVIEW


Who is your favorite super hero? Remember them tomorrow when you’re writing. Maybe include one of their character traits into a new character and story.

Have fun & happy writing!


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