Are you making time to go see Magic Mike this weekend?

I am going to try just so I can see Joe Mangianello – holy guacamole!

I’m actually going to be spending the weekend at Vidcon with my daughter. If you’re not familiar with Vidcon, and I wasn’t until December when said daughter handed me $100 and asked me to buy her a ticket to the event, it’s an industry conference for video bloggers, aka vloggers, and their fans.

We had an agreement. I’d pay for the flights and hotel if she wanted to attend the conference as more than just a screaming fan. Meaning, she had to be interested in attending the workshops and seminars. She is and we are.


This week’s hot Fun Friday post will be a bit short.

If you follow me on Facebook then you may have already seen a link to this fun and inspiring collection of creative writing desks. (I like the beehive one because I could sweep it clean at the end of each day. Of course, I’d have to empty it out once a month or so but it’d at least look clean.) Here’s the link, check it out.  Which one is your favorite?

I also came across this excellent article at Gotham – 9 Common Fiction Writing Mistakes. 

It’s a two part article so don’t miss numbers 6-9. I just love how insightful these mistakes are as are her suggestions and examples. Excellent article and not to be missed. It’s one to print out and keep.

Have fun this weekend & happy writing! (and enjoy Magic Mike!)