If you have a dream of becoming a multi-published romance writer and you aspire to live like very few others and make a living writing romance then there is one thing you absolutely must learn to conquer – your fear.


Fear breeds:


  • Doubt
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Procrastination and inactivity
  • Poor self confidence
  • An inability to commit to your goals
  • And an inability to push past your first goal, even after you’ve achieved it.


Let me explain:


I know a writer, we’ll call her Amy.  Amy has written 5 full length manuscripts. When she first started out, she was gung ho!  Wrote her first romance novel and submitted it to agents.  Rejection came fast but it was positive rejection.  At this point, Amy didn’t have any writing and publishing goals but these warm rejections motivated her to set a goal of “getting an agent.”


Needless to say, when you set a goal and pursue it with all your intention and action, you achieve it.  She got an agent, in fact she had interest from three top agents all at the same time. However, because her goal was to get an agent and she didn’t look beyond that goal, the agent was the highlight.  She didn’t have a plan for publishing, for creating a platform or for promoting herself.  Why?  Fear of success and a limited scope.


What happened?


Amy’s agent didn’t sell her book….


Amy’s back to square one with a drawer full of completed manuscripts and no confidence to set another goal. She’s letting her fear stop her.


What’s The Difference Between Amy And You?


If you want to publish and make a living writing romance, you need to set goals that encompass your dreams and take action to make it happen.  You cannot let fear get in your way.


How do you get over your fear?  For writers, this is tough.  We can be a sensitive bunch.  Here’s what I would recommend Amy do:


#1  Set bigger goals.

#2  Break them down into smaller steps that are easy to accomplish, keeping the big picture in mind.  These goals would be goals like attending workshops, going to conferences and pitching to agents and editors, continuing to submit to publishers and agents and word count goals. Achievable goals include submitting one manuscript to one agent/publisher each month.  Writing 5000 words a week and so on.  Establishing smaller goals that are easily achieved helps you develop a pattern of success – that builds confidence.


#3 Find a critique group.


#4  Get involved in the romance writing industry. Join an RWA chapter or local writing group and get involved. That way you can learn and share with others in the same boat you’re in.


#5  Continue learning the craft and the industry.  Take a course!


Fear is a natural part of life however unless your life is on the line, it’s a worthless emotion.  Shove it aside, and get to the business of achieving your dreams.