In life, “action = momentum” and momentum in writing is essential for success. When you take actions to make your writing pursuits and career successful, your ideas will soar to new heights and success will be plainly within reach.

The first step in formulating actions for your career and romance story ideas is to brainstorm. A brainstorming session (with you alone or supportive people in your life) will clarify what your main actions should be. Some ways you can put your momentum into your ideas include:

  • Clearly define your ideas. Think about your idea from start to finish and at the end of your brainstorming you should have insight on how to put action in the idea. Without definition the results of the action may fall short.
  • Seek professional wisdom. Find out what others have done to create successful career similar to yours. You don’t have to meet with them personally, but surf the ‘net for information or join a Facebook or other social page.
  • Break down your ideas into small increments. It always helps to see your ideas broken down into smaller steps. You’ll be better able to see the barriers which exist and even how to break down those barriers.
  • Create a plan. After you’ve narrowed your ideas down into “doable” increments, create a plan to turn your thoughts from ideas to the real thing. You’ll need to set goals, time limits, financial planning and other implements that go into launching an idea and making it a success.


When everything is set up to make your idea into a reality, there are some “idea killers” that you should be aware of. One is negative people. These people drain your energy and put friction in the momentum you’ve created for your idea. It’s a waste of valuable time, so surround yourself with those who believe in you and your idea.


Do more than expected toward achieving your goals and turning your ideas into reality. Keep in mind that I’m not just talking about story ideas but also your career ideas and how you pursue your writing life. Each day you should ask yourself what you can do to reach your goal ahead of time and what you can do to make it even more of a success than you dreamed.


Finally, do it now! Don’t wait for the time or situation to be perfect because it will never reach that moment. When you begin to work on your carefully planned ideas, the momentum will gather and you’ll finally be able to see light at the end of the tunnel.


Inaction is the only real failure for any idea you might have. If you don’t put action in your ideas, you’ll never achieve the momentum necessary to bring your dreams and goals to success.