It occurred to me that I should probably head to the local Barnes and Noble to actually see my book on the store shelves. It’s been there for almost a month and I hadn’t taken the time to enjoy the moment. So last night, we did. After a lovely date with my husband, we headed to the bookstore. We used the Barnes & Noble computer to locate it and to my relief, it was actually in the store.

It was, as you might imagine, in the writing and publishing section. It’s a smaller book and there was only one left so it took a few minutes to find it. I took some photos to commemorate the moment. After all, with so many books being published digitally these days, it may be my only opportunity to actually find my book in the book store. Such fun!




While there may only be one copy left at my local Barnes & Noble, you can grab it online. It’s pocket size and makes a great gift for yourself or the writers in your life. There’s a sci-fi edition too.

Buy at Amazon

Buy at Barnes & Noble (there’s a Nook digital version too)