Your heroine runs a ghost tour business so the month of October is her busiest and most profitable month. She has a large crowd with her tonight as she takes the group of 10 into her favorite haunted home. It used to operate as a bed and breakfast but the owners are putting it up for sale. The ghostly activity has become a problem for them and they no longer wish to live there. They have, however, given your heroine permission to take tours through. It starts to pour as they’re approaching the house so your heroine quickly ushers everyone inside. She figures she’ll give them a thorough tour and history of the empty home and try to wait the rain out. The tour is going well and she can tell she has everyone’s attention. They’re all on edge and she keeps meeting the eyes of a very good looking person on her tour. Your heroine decides to take everyone into the basement because it is still raining.

What happens in the basement to prove beyond a doubt that the house is haunted? For example, maybe the door slams shut and they are unable to get out. No one’s cell phone seems to connect in the basement and they can hear growling coming from a closet under the stairs. Your heroine knows that there are underground tunnels so she opens a door in the basement floor. She decides she’ll go down the tunnel to go get help and the attractive person goes with her.

So many fun places to take this potentially super creepy story!

Happy writing!

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