joyI hope you’re having a joyous day. If not, take a gander at this week’s blog posts. I specifically address joy, as it relates to romance writing, in yesterday’s post.
I think, as 2016 is off and running, that it’s important to remember to make sure we do get joy from the things we put our energy into. And undoubtedly you put energy into romance writing. If you’re not actually writing romance, then you’re thinking about it I’m sure.
I also wanted to THANK YOU for allowing me to share my joy with you.
I write. It’s what brings me joy. Some people knit, some cook, others lift weights. Different things bring us joy.
365 Affirmations for Romance Writers (and all the books that I’ve previously published) are an expression of that joy.
When I originally had the idea for the Affirmations book it was because I’d been speaking to a room full of fiction writers and the conversation came up. We were talking about how we gain the confidence and motivation each day to write, to query, and to manage the trials and tribulations of being a writer. Many of the writers in the room expressed that they did like the concept of affirmations but that they didn’t always hold steadfast to an affirmation practice.
An idea was born. I could help.

So I began writing affirmations that were designed specifically for writers. I honestly thought that it would be easy. You just write the affirmations, right?

They came to me in moments of inspiration. I’d go days, months even, without a single idea and then whoosh…I’d have 20 affirmations all fighting for attention in my mind…
I’d write them down as quickly as possible and wait for more. It went on like that for almost a year. I had no control over when the inspiration would hit but I quickly learned to pay attention to it.
The result is 365 heartfelt, and perhaps divinely inspired, affirmations.
The book is also a compilation of essays on the subject. Some are the fruit of that original writing conference I spoke at. Others come from moments of inspiration or conversations with writers.
At the end of it all, I am happy to say that 365 Affirmations is a book that was genuinely inspired by you. I also wanted to let you know that you can grab it now, for free, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited Member.
I will also launch a printed version of the book over the next month or two. I’ll let you know when it’s available.
I hope you find that the book serves your needs and helps you to express and share your joy with the world. If you feel that it does, please leave me a review. And when you release your book, send me a link and I’ll leave a review for you.
Thank you so much and happy writing!