As 2013 wraps up, many writers and other creative professionals find themselves reflecting on the past year. I believe that December, as busy as it is, may be the most productive month of the year. January is generally full of false promises and self-deception. It’s in December that we’re most honest with ourselves. We realize what we’ve accomplished and what we haven’t and we begin to make changes both to our mindset as well as our daily habits.
It’s a time to begin making changes and taking action right away. Don’t be a Monday Morning dieter! If you aspire to make changes to your writing habits, then make those changes today. Don’t wait for January.
Keep the Conversation Going
In addition to many comments and discussions with fellow writers on my Facebook page,, we’ve been discussing writing futures and supportive habits and mindset at Make a Living Writing Romance –
Like to write sexy stories? Check out this story starter –
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News and Announcements
I’m working hard on finishing up the final touches for an erotic romance themed story starter book, it should be released in a week or two – definitely by the end of the year.
Additionally, I’m working with a publisher (more details once the contract is finalized) to publish a Romance Story Starter Journal. The concept is beautiful and it’s a project that I’m excited about. I can’t wait to share more details!
Happy writing!
Annette Brownlee Elton