Your heroine and her man are on the cusp of a very important decision, or a least she thinks he’s getting ready to ask her to marry him or move in or something…anything really that moves their relationship forward. They’ve been together a long time and he needs to put up or shut up.

Just when your heroine feels she’s going to get her happily ever after, a new woman comes to town. Well, she’s a new woman to your heroine but it seems her boyfriend has known her for a while. How does he know her? Why is she in town? What are her motives?

Is your heroine’s boyfriend really getting ready to take their relationship to the next level? Who is your hero? Is it her boyfriend or is it someone else? If it’s someone else, how do they know each other and what propels them together?

This could be in any genre, from historical to paranormal. However, I envision it as straight up contemporary with a good bit of humor. How do you see it? Have fun with it!