I’ll be honest with you, after I published my first book, my confidence tanked. Not because the book did badly, it actually exceeded my initial and quite high expectations, but rather because it meant I had to follow it up. By publishing a series, I’d committed to writing and publishing some more.

The Self Confidence Train Hit Me and Left Me by the Tracks!

It happens to all writers and I’d bet it happens to all artists. You’re putting yourself out there for examination, review, and perhaps ridicule. There are expectations involved even if you deny them. You have expectations for yourself and perceived expectations from others.

Now, I could throw out all of those clichés  like “You’re your biggest critic,” and so on. But you know what, those clichés don’t solve the problem when you’re neck deep in self doubt. You need tangible solutions.

40 Life Changing Tips to Help You

Write More Confidently

Discover Your Inner Power and Achieve Your Writing Dreams


I’ve created this free report so that you can start working on getting rid of those doubts, or at least shutting them away in a closet so they cannot bother you while you work.

Some of the tips will feel awkward and maybe even frightening. Others will no doubt sound stupid – a huge waste of time

Use the tips that resonate for you and set the others aside. You may come back to them later, you may not. The important thing is for you to be able to sit down at your computer every day and write from a place of confidence and joy, not self doubt, fear, and worry.  Fear is a real buzz kill!

Here’s the link to the report. http://makealivingwritingromance.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/10/How-to-Write-More-Confidently-MALWR.pdf

Simply right click and save it on your computer. If you misplace it, don’t worry. It’ll be here waiting for you on the Worksheets & Downloads page.

Two Quick Notes:

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#2 Keep your eyes open for a promotion I’m announcing at the beginning of next week where you’ll have the opportunity to win a $100 gift card to the online bookstore of your choice.

Happy Writing!