I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday!

Just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that I’ve just published a series of 7 genre specific Romance Story Starters and they’re each only 99 cents.
The genres range from historical romance to paranormal and everything in between. If you need a creative kick in the pants and want some specific ideas for your writing style and voice then check them out.
Right now you can find them at Amazon and Smashwords and they should be available at Barnes & Noble and iBooks within a day or two. I’ll post the links on my blog when they’re live.
You can check out the list of available ebooks at http://makealivingwritingromance.com/99-story-starter-reportsebooks.
Enjoy your weekend and happy writing!

Annette Brownlee Elton

**Writer, Publisher, & Ghostwriter**