When it comes to writing romance, there is an information overload. There are literally thousands of books, courses, and ‘experts’ on the subject. It’s too much! The good news is that many of these books, courses, and experts can be instantly eliminated. Not because they don’t have any value but because they’re not what you need or want right now.

About two thirds of these resources focus on a niche topic. For example, how to write dialogue, how to set the pace of your novel and so on. Another large chunk of them give a large overview of the topic. For example, writing erotic romance, which is fine but is often too vague.

What you need, if you want to get to the nitty gritty and get your romance novel not only in the works but published and bringing in some money, are resources that offer a customizable step-by-step. I say customizable because your story is unique and you’ll need some wiggle room to make it the compelling, and bestselling, story you know it can be.

Step-by-step resources are ideal because you can almost write your book as you read the material. Unfortunately, there aren’t many step-by-step resources that are worth your time and money.

I’ve heard great things about Gotham Writer’s Online courses however the $395 cost may be a bit too much for some and the course is online over a ten week period. The pro to this type of course is that you will get feedback from course instructors. Additionally, it is a comprehensive course that covers:

· Introduction to the Romance Novel

· Character

· Conflict

· A Love Story

· Storytelling

· Point of View

· Dialogue

· Setting, Background, and Research

· Revision

· The Business of Writing Romance

The other course, a company I’m personally familiar with, is the American Writers & Artists Institute, How to Write for Love and Money course. AWAI puts together amazing courses! It’s a learn at your own pace package that covers romance writing A-Z with the emphasis to get published and make money. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee (this is what first convinced me to try their programs) and they’re a very supportive group of people willing to answer questions and help guide you to that first book sale.

There are also several good books on writing romance but because the romance industry changes so rapidly, it’s important to get a book that covers the basics. Even a Romance Writer’s for Dummies type of book is great for an introduction into the genre. If you’re brand new to the genre, my suggestion is to grab a few from the library to learn the basics and then to dive into one of the courses mentioned above.

Happy writing!


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