Grab a pen and paper and make a list of the things you’re going to do today or tomorrow.

My list for today looks something like this:

  • Finish client report
  • Clean kitchen
  • Finish laundry
  • Take kids shopping for school supplies
  • Revise 3 chapters and add new elements to chapter 1 and 3.

(I live an exciting life, I know!)

Now take a look at that list. Where do you place yourself and your dreams? In the past, all of the tasks on my list came first. If I had time or energy at the end of the day then I’d focus on writing and revising. Guess what?! That’s backwards!

Are Your Priorities Out of Wack?

Your romance writing dreams and goals should come first each and every day. Not because you deserve it, though you probably do.

Your personal dreams and goals have to be made a priority otherwise they’ll never be reached. You have to put yourself first, not last, if you want to become a published romance writer.

Write BEFORE laundry

Write BEFORE shopping

Write BEFORE cleaning


Write BEFORE you work on your day job, whatever that day job might be. Even if you can only devote 10 minutes each morning before you go to work to working on your romance novel, do it. Make your romance writing dreams and goals a priority so they can become a reality.

Only Ten Minutes?

Now, if you’re thinking 10 minutes in the morning isn’t going to help me, you’re wrong. It will. Not only will take positive steps toward your goals each day but that ten minutes of writing will stick with you all day. You’ll find yourself thinking about your story and squeezing in writing time throughout the day to jot down your ideas. That first ten minutes will help you find more time during the day to write.

Can You Commit to More than 10 Minutes?

And of course if you can commit 20,30 or even 60 minutes first thing in the morning to write, by all means do it! Your book can’t be published until it’s written. And it can’t be written unless you’re actively writing it and putting words on paper each day.

Try this, try writing for a minimum of ten minutes each morning for three weeks and see what happens. Commit to it, every morning for ten minutes regardless of what’s going on in your life. You can find ten minutes for your dreams, right?

After those three weeks look back at what you’ve accomplished. I bet you, you’ve accomplished more in those three weeks than you have in the past three months combined.

Make it a daily habit, take one powerful step toward achieving your romance writing dreams.