May – Romance Writing Contests


Here are the contests that are on tap for May and early June.


*Celtic Hearts Romance Writers of America – May 5th


* Georgia Romance Writers of America – May 10th


* Central Ohio Fiction Writers – May 20th


*Charter Oak Romance Writers of America – May 20th


*Heart of Denver Romance Writers of America – May 25th


*Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America – May 31st


* Women On Writing (WOW) – May 31st


* Music City Romance Writers – June 1st


*Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers – June 1st


*Toronto Romance Writers of America – June 1st



Conferences & Workshops


Summer is the time for RWA chapter conferences. You can check out

the extensive list at:


Conferences –


Online Workshops –


Additional Conferences and Workshops: – May 19-21 – May 24-26




April Featured Blog Posts


Do you ever feel attacked, ridiculed, and forced to defend your

choices, your writing, and your approach? If you do, I’d like to

let you know that you’re not alone.




You’re driving down the highway and BAM a brilliant story idea

sparks your imagination. You know exactly what the beginning scene

will look like and who the main characters are.


You’re excited and ready to get started writing this soon to be

bestseller.You get home to your computer or notebook, the story

idea still vivid in your mind, and something happens…


…You don’t know what to do with it. You don’t know how to make it a

complete story with a structured plot and a satisfying ending.


How do you take your brilliant story idea and turn it into a great



“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the

thing we need most in the world.”

– Philip Pullman