Holiday Surprise

While holiday shopping, your heroine has come across a smile child on the streets. The child appears to be homeless. Your heroine spends a few minutes talking to the child and gives him/her money. The child follows your heroine home. She takes them in and…

What happens?

Who is the child and why are they homeless?

Who is your hero? Where does he come into the story? For example, maybe your hero is a police officer. Your heroine goes to the station to try to get help finding the child’s parents. The police officer is touched by her kind heart and…

What is the source of the conflict and/or tension?


Christmas Murder

Someone is killing women and leaving Christmas decorations stolen from their yard with the body. Your heroine is next on the list. How does your detective/police officer hero protect her?


Santa’s Little Helper

Your heroine is a veritable Santa’s Little Helper. She’s working hard at her local community center to help bring the holiday spirit to families in need. She meets a little girl who is in desperate need for some Christmas hope and cheer.

Stranded for the Holiday

Your heroine, on her way home for the holidays, misses her train. Now she’s stranded. Not that she cares much about missing her family’s holiday celebration. She doesn’t get along with them and the holidays don’t mean anything to her anymore. She does care that the train station is closing and she has nowhere to go. That is, until the owner of the café invites her to stay with him. What does he do to teach her the true meaning of Christmas?


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