Your heroine learns that she was a “missed connection.” She had an interaction with someone and apparently it went so well that they want to meet her again. She learns of the missed connection via a coworker who read about it on social media. 

Does your heroine remember the connection?

If they do remember meeting the person, is it someone that she is interested in? Why or why not? Where did this interaction happen? 

If she’s not interested, why or why not? Is she in a relationship? Is the person someone that she is connected to and a relationship would be inappropriate? 

What happens?

This could go so many ways. Maybe this is a true missed connection and they keep missing each other as they try to meet up. Maybe the missed connection turns into a stalker and your heroine has to turn to social media to get this person to leave her alone. Maybe it goes bad and the person ends up dead. Wow! Maybe this missed connection turns into a super sexy romance. Soooo many options!