Eek! New Year’s is inching closer. I feel like I’m behind schedule mentally and physically. I’m just not ready – though admittedly I’ve spent much of this year feeling like I’m not ready for the changes that have been thrust upon me. However, a new year is coming soon and it’s a welcome opportunity to mentally let go of 2014 and embrace 2015.

It’s going to be a great year!

Last week, I wrote a bit about writing resolutions. 

As promised, I have more resolutions to consider.

#1 Embrace Your Inner Artist

You are a writer and thereby you are a creative person. Most of us set the creative side of us aside. She’s (or he’s) just not practical most of the time. However, by stifling that side of you I believe that you don’t do yourself justice.

You’re not allowing you to be a complete person, creative craziness and all. So one resolution to consider is to embrace your inner artist. Feed your inspiration when you feel it. Don’t set it aside for a later date or time. Embrace every creative, and potentially crazy, idea that you have.

IMG_0614Here’s an example, I had the urge to hang a tree branch on my wall last year. My husband kindly indulged me and I love it. For the holidays, I decided to put lights on the branch and a little cardinal. Again, I love it. My kids think I’m weird and so do my friends but I am happy. And more importantly my inner artist is appeased.

Go to museums, paint, sculpt, sing, color in a coloring book, or grab your camera and take photos – do whatever your creative spirit is asking for. Indulge her and watch how much more joyful and creative your life becomes.

#2 Care for Your Brain

This time of year is when the health and fitness resolutions become popular. People vow to finally exercise, finally lose weight, and finally achieve ultimate health. First, I don’t believe in ultimate health. We’re all doing the best we can.

For a moment, think about how important your brain is to your life. Imagine if you were unable to communicate. Imagine if your thoughts became fuzzy and you couldn’t find the right words for what you wanted to say. I’ve watched 30 year old women have strokes that left them without the ability to communicate effectively. I’ve watched my own mother deal with early onset dementia.

Your brain is precious. If nothing else, vow to take better care of it this year. Feed it well. That means cutting back on sugar and starchy carbs. Moderation is key here, not elimination. Treat yourself once a week.

Eat more healthy fat, please. Your brain needs it desperately. Coconut oil, avocados, nuts and seeds, and fish oil are all healthy options. Even grass fed butter is okay for many people.

Give it oxygen. I realize that most people don’t like to exercise. Fine. Just move your body. Dance, skip, walk, jump rope, hula hoop, and ride your bike. Get your heart pumping while you do something that brings you joy. Try yoga or grab a pair of roller skates. Just have fun and move your body.

You only have one brain and as remarkable as it is, it doesn’t seem to recover very well from damage, chronic or acute. Treasure your brain and treat it like the amazing organ that it is.

#3 Find Your Place 

Where do you write? Many writers roam. They write in their homes, in their cars, at their desk or the coffee shop. That’s find if it works for you. Chances are that within that randomness, there are some consistencies. For example, you write in the same notebook with the same pen or you always drive to the same location or drink the same coffee drink.

Routine often facilitates creativity. Weird, right?

If you don’t have a routine or a designated place to write, commit to creating your sacred writing space this year. Find what works for you and create an environment that allows you to feel confident and creative.

I’m so very excited for this upcoming year. It’s going to be brilliant!

Happy Writing!