Affirmations are positive statements. They’re used to replace any negative thoughts or limiting beliefs and help you move forward toward your goals.

You can create an affirmation for anything. If you want to lose weight, save money, stop yelling at your teenager or finish your novel. The key is to create a statement that resonates with you. Often it’s easier to take a look at your negative head chatter and replace those negative thoughts with contrary statements.

For example, if you often find yourself thinking, “I’ll never get this book finished,” that’s clearly a limiting belief and negative.

A contrary statement, and a more positive one, might be “My book is progressing quickly. Every day I take another step toward completing it.”

And of course you can always borrow affirmations from others. You don’t have to create your own unless you wish to.

Here’s an affirmation to consider repeating when you sit down to write each day.

“The right words always come easily and effortlessly.”