365 Affirmations for Romance Writers – Ready to kick your creative fears to the curb? Ready to banish doubt, writer’s block, and confidence issues? 365 Affirmations for Romance Writers is designed to help you overcome any mindset challenge you’re facing so you can sit down at the blank page with clarity and confidence.

Being a writer is tough. Doubts, fears, and low confidence can get in the way achieving your goals and dreams. Affirmations help you focus on your personal creativity and career challenges.

365 Affirmations for Romance Writers is a collection of essays on the topic of affirmations including:

•The Undeniable Power of Affirmations – Shifting Your Mindset – Focus on What YOU Want
•3 Mistakes Writers Make When Using Affirmations
•Creating Your Affirmation Practice
•Proven Tips for Using Affirmations
•Two Truths About Writing Romance…
•Turn Your Negative Thoughts and Limiting Beliefs into Powerful, Positive Affirmations: A Tool for Fiction Writers

Daily affirmations cover topics ranging from:

•Getting Started
•The Revision Process
•Building A Romance Career
•Selling More Books
•Getting an Agent or Editor
•Sparking Creativity
•Mastering Your Writing Habit
•And Much More

Follow along and embrace one a day or pick and choose – the choice is yours. Your romance writing career is in your control and affirmations help put you in charge of your destination.