Myth #1  Writing a romance book takes years.

      Fact – If you have a system and are dedicated to setting writing goals and writing every day, you can have

a book written in three months.  5 pages a day for three months, or 90 days is 450 pages. That’s about 150+ more than you’ll want or need.  That’s about 1250 words a day – you can do that!


Myth #2  You must pay your dues to the romance publishing industry before you get published – years of rejections are part of the process.



Fact – Nope!  I know people who have published the first book they’ve written and if you are willing to start with a smaller book/novella and are willing to try e-publishing then the market is wide open and ready for your manuscript.


Myth #3 You must be lucky to get published.


Fact – Luck may play a role in riding the wave of a trendy topic but writing skill, passion, and commitment are 99% of the equation.  If you don’t have those, luck isn’t going to get you anywhere.


Myth #4  Writers live in poverty.


Fact – Are you kidding?  Writers live in whatever socioeconomic group they live in.  Some don’t have much money, some authors are rolling in it.  It depends on where you are in life and if you’ve quit your day job.  Many multi-published writers have a full time day job and are able to write several books a year.


Myth #5 You have to be a woman to write romance.


Fact  – Men can, and are, romance writers too!  And there are a few highly successful husband/wife writing teams.  If you’re a man and considering writing romance, go for it!


When it comes to writing romance, there are many rules, myths and rumors.  If you want to write romance, write romance.  Be dedicated, have fun and learn all you can about the romance writing craft and industry.


Happy writing!


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