Okay so November is in full swing. That means romance writers and aspiring romance writers around the world are trying to write 50K words in a month.

By now, if you’re participating you should ideally have around 15K words. (9 days at 1600ish words per day).

So…if you are particpating how are you doing?

If you’re not participating why not?

I’m actually sitting on the fence on this one. Not my usual style, I’m pretty decisive about things. Originally, I decided not to particpate this year. I’m in the midst of making some revisions an editor requested and I wanted to focus my time on that project.

Of course, the moment I decided not to participate then a great new story idea popped into my head. I actually have about 3k words done on it. Who knows, if I get this editing project done and sent to the editor before the end of the month I may get close to the NaNo quota.

I’d love to hear from aspiring and published romance authors out there who are participating in NaNo. What are you working on? Is this your first NaNo? Why did you choose to participate? Why did you choose to not participate?