Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s a day for romantic creativity and inspiration and I have just the thing for you. If you enjoy writing spicy romance then this new 101 Erotic Romance Story Starters is going to make your day.

I had many requests for another erotic romance story starter volume and happily obliged. If erotic romance isn’t for you please know that the heat level in the report is mild. You can take the story starter ideas wherever YOUR imagination takes you. If you have a dirty mind then have fun! If you prefer a tamer romance story, you’ll find an abundance of inspiration. For example,

Your heroine is the editor of a book review magazine. When her review for an author isn’t glowing the author comes knocking at her door. She can’t deny her immediate attraction and feels badly for her review, maybe she was a bit harsh. To make it up to him she offers to take him out to dinner. He counters with a different sort of proposal…

Now you can see how you might quickly take this down a naughty path. However, there’s also room to use your imagination and get creative with your hero’s vengeance.

Here’s what others have had to say about Romance Story Starters:

I have about 800 story ideas floating around in my head now! What a great idea!

Without a doubt, this is the best book of story starters on Amazon. The starters are well-written and thorough unlike some other books that just list words or short questions. There isn’t a single bad idea in the entire list of 1001 starters.

Definitely I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a creative spark or boost. After using this, I have some new ideas that I plan to put into motion.

1001 Romance Story Starters is the best book of its kind I have ever purchased, and that’s quite a few. Not only does she give you ideas, she asks compelling questions to get your cerebral juices really flowing. Before you know what happened, story lines are zinging through your head faster than your fingers can type. If you are looking for something to jump start a romance story, or options on how to close a scene or chapter, this is the book for you.

Check it out today. At only .99 it’s less than a penny per idea – and one of them might just inspire your next bestseller.

Happy writing!