Okay, I know I know – I’m inundating you with blog posts today.  But I wanted to share this great (really really fun) contest announcement from Noble Romance -(No, I’m not a Noble Romance author this just looks like fun. )


Contest #1 Cover With Jimmy Thomas

Have you ever dreamed of being a hero or heroine in a romance story? We know the answer – who hasn’t?

Noble Romance would like to give you the opportunity to fulfill that dream. We want to not only have you dictate the storyline, names of characters, and setting, but we want your image to appear on the cover of the finished story, with international romance novel cover model, Jimmy Thomas.

To enter the contest, this is what you have to do:

  • Write down a story idea, in a contemporary setting.
  • Name two characters, male/female; male/male
  • Occupations, if important to your story idea


Beginning on May 22nd, Noble Romance Publishing will be sponsoring treasure hunt. Your ultimate prize will be a shiny new Kindle.


You can check out the details for both contests at https://www.nobleromance.com/Events