Have you watched “Only Murders in the Building”? It’s a new Hulu show with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. I’ve only watched the first three or four episodes, but it’s well written, well acted (of course), and extremely enjoyable. Highly recommend! 

While the show is definitely not a romance, it ignited a few romance plot ideas…


What if your hero and heroine live in the same building and your story opens with them, perfect strangers, standing over a dead body? 

How did they get to that point? 

What happens next?

Do they move the body? If so, why?

Do they cover their tracks and pretend they were never there? Why?

Do they call the cops? 

So many paths this could take.

And of course, who is the dead person, who killed them, and why? Are your hero and heroine in danger? Is this a suspense or a mystery?

Have fun!