Valentines Day is just a few days away and it’s the perfect time to
dive headlong into writing romance, reading romance, and enjoying
the spirit of the season by winning prizes.

The Romance Studio will be giving the tenth annual Cupid and Psyche
Awards on Valentine’s Day 2013!

They’re having a party leading up to the awards.

They’re giving away an Amazon gift ecard (electronic gift card
only, value $100 minimum) to one lucky reader and we’re giving away
a lot of other prizes from the TRS prize vault and participating
authors too!

In fact, to celebrate Deadly Chaos [
] and the new release of Deadly Intent [
], I’m giving away a Deadman’s Reach prize pack. The coffee is to
die for – ha ha!

Come join me and a whole bunch of other romance authors from all
genres from Feb 11th to Feb 14th.

* Find a new favorite author
* Grab lots of free stuff
* Win prizes!

Just click on link below and head over to the party

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Reading, Writing, and Celebrating