Personally, I’m a pen and paper gal. I’ve tried a number of various, and truly wonderful, applications and software products. However, each time I try to get with the times, I end up coming back to good old pen and paper.

This is true for my fiction writing, boy do the words flow onto the paper. They’re much slower to come on my laptop. I’ve also found it to be true for my organizational needs.

Take tracking submissions to agents and editors.

Many people, and smartly so, use software or applications like  Querytracker not only helps you track who you’ve sent submissions to, they also have a wealth of knowledge about who is accepting what right now and all the contact information. (They do recommend you back up your information by cross referencing with another source. However, it’s a great start and end point.)

But alas, I get muddled in the process and end up procrastinating rather than simply entering the necessary information.  I have found a planner with space for notes each day/week/month does the trick. I write down who I sent a manuscript or query too and what I sent. Then, if I need to remind myself to follow up, I just jot a note in Outlook and I’m good to go.

Yet, there’s more a writer needs to do. What about accountability?

Many serious writers, meaning they fully intend to be published one day or are already published, have daily word count quotas.  How do you track your success rate? Do you just keep it in your head? Do you use a software program or organizer?

I go right back to my handy planner and simply jot down the chapter or pages I’m working on and my word count for the day.  It’s kind of like a food journal or calorie counter. I can see what days I blew it and hold myself accountable.

So what about you?

What tools do you use to track your submissions and hold yourself accountable? What advice do you have for aspiring writers?