How often have you been derailed from working on your romance novel?

Schedules change. You get sick, a family member gets sick. You get a second job, you lose a job. You move, go on vacation or start school…

Life continues to change. You can absolutely count on that fact. Today’s routine and schedule may be quite different than tomorrows.

So how do you manage those life changes and still write your romance novel and what do you do when you just can’t find the time or energy to write?

It’s difficult. I know this from personal experience.

I started school last month. Just two classes but it threw my schedule into turmoil. It didn’t help that one of the classes, organic chemistry, feels like I’m reading an alien language. It’s consuming all of my time. Anyway, all of my writing, personal and professional, was derailed. Professional projects were being turned in late and personal projects were being ignored.

I stopped writing for myself. Nothing. Nada. It’s been almost two full months and I haven’t written a single word.

So how do you get back to it?

It’s not like my schedule suddenly freed up. Nope. It’s still chaotic.

Here’s what I did and hopefully it’ll help you.

A little extra self-care first. I slept for ten hours. I allowed myself to relax and breathe. I ate whatever I wanted that day, had fun with friends, and pampered myself just a little bit more. This enabled me to wake up the next day feeling like I’d returned from a mini vacation.

I felt capable of facing my personal writing, even better…I felt excited about it. A mini vacay helps you come back to your writing and your busy life with energy and enthusiasm.

I imagine that I’ll need to regroup and take another mini vacay in a few months. It’s okay. As long as there continues to be progress and pages are being written, it’s all good.

Your Next Steps

Take a look at your calendar. Take a look at your day today. Do you have time to carve out a little for yourself? Can you take a mini vacay? Can you go to sleep a little early tonight and sleep in a bit tomorrow?

Can you find time for yourself so that you can return to your manuscript with energy and enthusiasm?

You’re in control. Sure, life throws challenges at you and it will continue to do that. How you handle those challenges and how you bounce back makes all the difference.