Are you ready for summer?
I know I am. Here in Colorado we had snow clear into the beginning of May and I’m glad that warmer temperatures have finally arrived. The 80 degree weather inspired a fun list of summer writing must haves.¬†If you’re looking forward to a productive summer check out the list and make those long summer days, long writing days too.
The warmer weather also brought out the rebel in me. I sometimes get sick and tired about the “Writing rules.” What about you? Do you follow any writing rules? Do you believe in them? Feel free to comment and share! We had quite a lively discussion on Facebook.
And the Blind Date Story Starter was a huge hit. A fellow romance writer ran with it – I can’t wait to promote her book. If you missed it, you can check out the story starter here.
Finally, I got a little creative with Pinterest and began turning my Monday Motivation posts into Pinterest graphics. Admittedly, they’re basic but I had fun. You can check them out, and connect with me via Pinterest¬†
Have a lovely day and happy writing!