Most of us don’t think of failures as opportunities – but successful authors know the secret to turning the knowledge learned in a failure into opportunities for growth and success.

We hate the way failure makes us feel, but when we realize it’s not the end of the road and we have time to come back as a success, failure can actually be a learning experience.

Every rejection feels like a failure. Every bad review. Yet, there are opportunities within those moments to become a better writer. To take the relevant and helpful information and to leverage it for future projects and submissions.

What you learn from failure is invaluable to your future success. A close analysis of what went wrong with the failed idea or venture can help you make sense of the situation and learn lessons that will make you a true winner.

You may have to dig deep to find the reasons for a failure. Did you devote enough time to the project and were you prepared for the results? Could the failure be one that’s out of your control or could you have changed something along the way to strengthen the outcome?

Every failure can be turned into a unique opportunity to grow and learn – and every success might be detrimental to future successes. It’s a contradiction that’s difficult to understand unless you’ve experienced both the opportunities in failure and the dangers in success.

Being honest with yourself is the first step in turning failures into opportunities and learning experiences. Blaming failure on others or making excuses can only serve to dig you further into a state of denial.

When that happens, you don’t learn anything. If you don’t use your failures to find flaws in your thinking or how you managed a product or venture you’re likely doomed to failure.

Learning from past mistakes is a trait that every successful person on this planet has profited from. Remember, that every failure you experience shows that you tried. If you never fail at anything, chances are you’re not trying hard enough to succeed.

While none of us seek to fail, the process of life and how it works condemns us to some failures along the way. Your success will come when you seek to learn how you failed and figure out what you’re going to do next time to ensure success.