Stress, anxiety and overwhelm all eat away at an aspiring romance writer’s creativity and productivity.

In order to stay focused on your romance writing goals and to stay positive and enthusiastic about your desire/intention to become a published romance writer it’s important to have clarity.

It’s important to know or at least be considering the answers to:

  • Why you want to be a romance writer
  • What you envision your life as a romance writer to be
  • What you really want – is it the money, the fame, the acknowledgment, the achievement, the career? What is driving you?
  • What you have to move out of the way in order to achieve your goal/intention.

It’s difficult to find and maintain clarity – especially when you have the day to day doubts, fears, stresses and overwhelm that life throws at you.

How Do You Find Clarity?

Personally, I am a very strong advocate for meditation. I’m not necessarily good at it but I’ve found after three months of daily practice that even when I have what feels like a challenging or unsuccessful meditation session, clarity still shows up. I still experience ah-ha moments during my day.

Of course when I mention meditation to my children, family members and friends they just kind of give me a patronizing pat on the head. It’s the unspoken, “That’s nice dear.” Reaction. So I don’t expect that meditation is for everyone.

If you’re not interesting in giving meditation a try (and I promise you’ll be amazed at the results if you just try five minutes a day for a week or two) then consider a daily walk outside.

Take ten minutes each day and head outside. Get some fresh air and sunshine. If you have a dog, it’s the perfect excuse. While you’re walking, clear your head of thoughts and simply focus on what you’re experiencing when you’re outside. Be in the present moment.

You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed when you return. And you may experience that mental clarity that’s so important to following up on your dreams and goals for your romance writing career.