Time: A week to read the book and 60 minutes to write the review.

Action Step #1 – Grab a romance novel you haven’t read yet.  If you’re pressed for time, grab a short Harlequin Book.

Action Step #2 – Read the book with the eye of a reviewer.  Note style, pace, voice, dialogue themes and also pay attention to your personal enjoyment of the book.

Action Step #3 – Write a review for the book. Traditional reviews generally include your opinion of the book along with a summary. You can skip the summary. The goal of this process is to help you see romance writing from a reviewer’s perspective. Cultivating this skill may help you step outside of your own writing and review it with an analytical eye.  Being able to separate yourself from your writing will help you get published faster. You’ll be better able to work with publishers and to write what they’re looking for.

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