Time:10-20 minutes

Your ability to bring unique and accurate descriptions to people, places and things in your story will help bring your readers in. They’ll be able to see and visualize exactly what you visualized when you wrote the story. And as you know, that’s the power of good writing. Making a story feel so real, people feel as if they’re there or are experiencing it themselves.

Use this exercise to practice description without risk. All you need are ten to thirty minutes to complete this exercise. You’ll learn some amazing things about your writing skills. Trust me, this is fun.

Step #1 Choose the most boring object in your field of vision. If you can’t find anything, write about a water bottle.

Step #2 Now describe that boring object in detail. Make it come alive. Help your reader see exactly what you see. Use both figurative and literal language to describe it.

Dig deep. Try to write 500 words about this single object.

Have fun!