Time – 30 to 60 minutes

Most romance is written in third person perspective. You write from both points of view using “he” and “she” to describe the characters.

Take a scene from an existing manuscript. It can be a completed manuscript or a work in progress.

Find a scene you’re struggling with or would like to improve. If you have a character you’re struggling with this exercise is particularly insightful. Rewrite the scene from a first person perspective. Keep the same point of view. If the scene is from the heroine’s perspective, then write it through her eyes. If the scene is from the hero’s perspective then write it from his eyes. If you have a villain or secondary character then write it from their perspective.

Once you’ve completed the scene in first person, take a look at the description and characterization you used. What can you use to enhance the scene in your original manuscript?

Whenever you’re struggling with a scene or character reaction/response consider writing it in first person. Let your character tell you what they see, feel and think.