Each and every one of us is unique.

You have your own experiences. You have your own personality, preferences and knowledge.

And chances are, you have a unique story that’s been tumbling around in your imagination for a while.

Many times, we set stories aside that don’t fit neatly into a genre or category.

Yet this story is likely the one that is easiest to write.


Because it is uniquely you – you’re not trying to fit it into any specific genre. You’re free to follow the story wherever it takes you.

This is the story to work on today.

Set aside that category romance and Write a few pages from a scene that keeps showing up in your imagination.

For me, I have a story about a beautiful “crazy” woman. She looks like a young Jackie O and thinks she’s Eve. She’s looking for Adam. (Yes, Adam and Eve)  I’ve avoided writing this story because it might be perceived as blasphemous and quite frankly it doesn’t fit any genre, certainly not a romance genre because Eve is a love em and leave em type of woman. Yet beautiful and crazy Eve has stuck with me for more than ten years.

So what’s your story?

Take the day to enjoy it.

Roll around in it like a puppy in the grass.

Have fun!