Time – 30 minutes

Making a living writing romance is about more than writing great books, and selling them. It’s about turning your passion for writing into a career.  Successful athletes use a strategy to make things happen for them. It’s called visualization.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it before and perhaps you’ve even used it.  Have you used it for your romance writing career?

Action Step #1  Grab a notebook and a pen or if you prefer, turn on your computer and open a blank document.  Spend the next 30 minutes, or more, writing about your romance writing success.  Write it as if it were already true.  How has your life changed?  Use your wonderful creative writing skills to imagine the life you’re going to live once you’ve achieved your romance writing dreams and goals.  

Use the techniques Olympic athletes use and embrace your five senses.  Imagine your future with all of your senses.  What do you see? How do you feel?  What can you smell?  Hear?  Imagine your success with your whole body and mind.  Write it down so it comes to life.  

Action Step #2  Post your visualization somewhere you can see it often.  Read it to remind you of your goals and dreams.  Read it to make it true.

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