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One of the things I discovered at an early age is that people love to talk about themselves.

I’m not excluded from this, either. I enjoy sharing information that I know and talking about things that excite me.

As a writer the people in your life, the people that you meet on the street and at social gatherings, they have interesting tales to tell.

Simply asking a few questions can open up conversations that you never imagined.

I’ve had checkout clerks tell me about their mother’s haunted laundry room. I’ve had perfect strangers share really interesting tales of romance and family drama. And I’ve learned a lot of technical information too.

People are interesting and they have valuable information, knowledge, and experience locked inside them.

The Romance Writing Habit…

Get in the habit of asking questions when you meet people.

Start conversations and then listen and absorb. A simple conversation about a friend’s new job inspired a novel that I’m releasing in the fall. You’ll be surprised what you can learn and how your imagination will ignite with this new information and insight.

Talk, share, listen, enjoy, write!

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