By Eric M Head


So you finally finished writing your masterpiece novel. It took a long time, but you managed to get the story right and you are excited see it as a book on the shelves of your local bookstore. You feel confident that once people read it, they are going to love it.


Before you get into self-publishing, you should know what it is and what is involved.


Book publishing is most often used in association with the large publishing houses that have the necessary equipment to mass produce books; however, technically it means any development, printing, and distribution of a literary work. The main purpose that a book is published is because it is intended to be made available to the general public for reading.


There are many authors who publish their own work. It is not uncommon for an author to sit down, write out an entire book and then financially back their book by putting their own money into publishing it.

If an author decides to go the route of self-publishing, then they should take into account that they will be doing a lot of the jobs that the major companies do, but on their own. This includes wearing many different hats and fulfilling the roles of those hired by a major book publishing company.


For example, in addition to printing the book, it should remembered that there are the graphic design, illustration, and cover art element that needs to be created for the book. In this case, the self-publishing author may be required to outsource the graphic talent.


Another role that the author will have to fulfill, if they decide to self-publish, is marketing. In order to get your book distributed, the author will need to contact multiple bookstores to get their book accepted for sale on their bookshelves.


These factors should be taken into consideration when deciding to self-publish. There are many behind the scenes jobs to publishing that are handled by the major publication houses that the author might not be aware of or willing to take on themselves.


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