Take a moment today to perceive something with all of your five senses (and maybe your sixth sense too.)

Try perceiving something that you love and then try it with something that you’re not so fond of.

For example, I love being outside in nature. With this experiment I’d step outside and smell the air, feel the temperature on my skin. The air is warm but the wind is cool on my arms. I’m bare footed so my feet are icy. I’d explore the environment with my eyes and try to notice all the small details like a maple seed flying through the air or the waves of electricity shimmering off of the power lines. I might also stick out my tongue and try to taste the air.

I hate changing the kitty litter so when I do that I would experience the dust in my lungs and on my tongue. I’d certainly experience an assortment of smells like the waste materials and also the litter itself. I have a lavender oil diffuser which permeates the air around the litter box. I’d see the tiny granules of litter, some are blue and the rest are varying shades of gray. I’d feel the thin plastic grocery bag in my hand and the weight of the litter in the scooper in my other hand. I might also feel the granules under my knees as I kneel on the floor.

Try it and make note of the sensations.

When you’re writing a scene, use this experiment to explore what your characters are experiencing in your scenes.