Halloween is just days away! According to legend, it’s the time
when the veil between the worlds is thinned and spirits can pass

I’m not sure if I believe that, but I do know I love a good spooky
story. (I’ve been watching American Horror Story lately, what an
awesome show!)

Anyway, I wanted to share some fun, and scary, story starters with
you. I also wanted to let you know that there are 5 more days until
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Now for Those Spooky Story Starters…

1. Your heroine is on a ghost tour with friends. She is a
skeptic but the leader of the tour is hot, so she keeps her
sarcastic comments to herself – mostly. When something grabs her by
the arm she turns to find that there’s no one behind or beside
her. What happens next?

2. Your heroine has become the carrier for an otherworldly
creature. She’s the host for it and must turn to experimental
scientists to help her separate from this entity. In the lab she
meets someone. Who does she meet and why is he in the lab?

3. Your hero awakes from an extremely vivid dream. A mysterious
woman is in the dream. At the end of the dream he dies. Your hero
awakes just as he’s dying in his dream and feels he must find the
woman. If not, the dream will surely come true. Who is the woman?
What happens?

4. Your heroine can tell when people are going to die. It’s a
curse. She sees it as clear as day, but she can only see it when
their death is imminent. She meets a man, they hit it off
extremely well and she thinks she may have finally met “the one,”
when she sees his death. He’s going to be killed. What does she do?
Does she tell him about her ability? Does she try to stop the
death? Does she try to sacrifice herself to save him?

5. Your heroine is a scientist and a workaholic. She brings her
work home with her sometimes. Living alone, it’s not a problem.
There’s little risk. Course she wouldn’t mind bumping into her new
neighbor more often. She’s working on a new project late one night
when she sees something hideous emerge from her neighbor’s
basement. What does she see? What does she do? Who or what is it
that lives in her neighbor’s house?

6. Your heroine is at a museum (renaissance, Wild West, civil
war… you decide – choose the time period that intrigues and
excites you).

She tries on a period costume and is instantly connected to the
original owner. Why? Because she was the original owner – she’s
been reincarnated. It sparks a memory of a long lost love and the
realization that he’s probably alive somewhere and looking for her
too. She begins the quest to find him and right the wrong so many
years ago.

Who is he? What wrong do they have to make right?

7. Your heroine is a bartender. She’s heard it all, seen it all
and done most of it too. But one night (maybe during a full moon on
Halloween when everyone is dressed up and emotions are heightened)
she meets someone she’ll never forget. He tells her a secret over a
drink. What is he drinking? What does he tell her? How does it
change her life?

8. Your heroine is a Funeral Director who talks to ghosts. Yes,
she sees dead people and when one of them pleads for her help to
protect their brother, she’s compelled to help. Especially when
he’s the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. What happens? What
does she need to protect him from?

9. A tattoo artist is also a witch. She likes to put a little
magic into every tattoo to help her clients but her magic went a
little too far with one of her clients and he wants revenge. What
did she do and how did her magic get carried away?

10. Your heroine has a spirit attached to her. It’s not evil;
instead it’s just part of her life. It seems to essentially live
off of her. One day when the spirit is particularly distracting she
literally bumps into a man who can see the spirit too.

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